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Cold Waters


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The Arctic Rose Tragedy

After the last day of SLIPP '01 science was completed, the USCG Polar Star recieved word of the fishing trawler Arctic Rose's Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) going off in the Bering Sea. The Polar Star was the closest ship to the scene, and was diverted to the rescue operation.



Above: Photos of one of the storms we plowed through in order to get to the scene. (Photos by J. Bump)




Forty-five degree rolls were not uncommon. The rough seas blew out a bridge window some 60 feet above sea level, and ripped an ice machine off of the wall. An aviation crewmember was thrown across the hangar (sustaining bruised ribs and hand injuries), and the $3M helicopters continually tried to work their way out of their bolted-down chains. A garage-type door had its bottom half ripped off by the water, allowing the CTD (pictured previously) to break loose from its bolts and caused several thousand dollars worth of damage in the lab area. Sleep was impossible. To prevent getting thrown out of the bunk, it was necessary to cram boots, clothes, books, etc. under the mattress edge in order to form a U-shape to wedge yourself into. The USCG Boutwell, also en route to the scene, had crewmembers injured so badly in the storm that they had to be med-evaced off the ship for care.

Above: Frozen storm spray coating the ship. This is a common Bering Sea problem, the ice can add thousands of extra pounds, causing a ship to become top-heavy, roll, and sink. (Photo by J. Bump)


Above: Crew members trying to bash the ice off the deck in order to lessen the weight. Baseball bats, axes, sledge hammers, and shovels were used. (Photo by J. Bump)

All 15 crewmembers on board the Arctic Rose were lost. The USCG Polar Star, the USCG Boutwell, C-130 search planes, and the fishing trawler sister ships to the Arctic Rose, the Alaska Rose and the Bering Rose, participated in the search and rescue. The Polar Star had been the closest rescue vessel to the scene, but was still 30 hours away. Only one body was recovered, and that was the captain of the boat, Dave Rundall, found in an unzipped survival suit. Another body was spotted but was lost in the waves.
The sinking of the Arctic Rose is now considered the worst fishing tragedy in U.S. waters for 50 years. There had been no mayday distress call--EPIRBs automatically start signalling when submerged. An investigation is currently underway to determine what the causes were.

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