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Cold Waters


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Gjoa Haven/ Ursuqtuuq

Ursuqtuuq means the "place of plenty of blubber", to reflect the once large abundance of seal catch here. Gjoa Haven is located on King William Island, the same island where the Franklin expedition disappeared. It was named after Roald Amundsen's ship the Gjoa when it overwintered there on its way through the Northwest Passage.



An old Hudson's Bay Company boat, now permanently beached. (Photo by A. Balsom)


A Gjoa Haven elder honoring the Nadon, Simon Fraser, and Sir Wilfrid Laurier crews with a traditional drum dance. He is dressed in caribou skins and dances with a skin drum. (Photo by A. Balsom)


Left: Captain Norman Thomas of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier, playing the good sport and attempting a drum dance himself. (Photo by A. Balsom)


A Gjoa Haven elder throat singer accompanying the drum dancers with music. (Photo by A. Balsom)




Strikingly beautiful sled dogs. (Photos by A. Balsom)