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Cold Waters


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Holman/Uluqsaqtuuq, Victoria Island

Uluqsaqtuuq means "where there is copper", referring to large deposits of metal ore in the vicinity.



Above: Inuksuit standing on a steep hill above the entrance of the harbor. Inuksuit are traditionally built stone figures to delineate direction, hunting grounds, or spiritual realms in the Inuit life. Some of them are built out of boredom by children, some have been standing for thousands of years. (Photo by A. Balsom)


A Holman woman butchering a freshly-killed seal. They use almost every part of the animal. It is obvious that the health of the marine mammal populations are vital to the Inuit, who depend largely upon whales and seals to supplement their diet. Caribou and musk oxen are also hunted, as well as fishing for arctic char and greyling. Polar bear, fox, and wolf are hunted for furs. (Photo by A. Balsom)